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What's new…

Cute Caveman Caricature Carving

Caveman caricature carving

This caveman caricature carving is super fun to carve with this step by step tutorial with tons of progress photos.

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Simple Wood Whittling Tutorial

Simple wood whittling

Simple wood whittling project to carve a fun crooked little house from a block of wood with just a knife.

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Simple Seal Wood Carving Tutorial With Just A Knife

Seal wood carving

This seal wood carving tutorial is fun and easy to carve with our step by step tutorial.

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Fun Earworm Wood Carving Tutorial

Earworm wood carving

Make this funny earworm wood carving using our step by step tutorial with tons of photos.

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Mesmerizing Mermaid Wood Carving Tutorial

Mermaid wood carving

Carving this two piece mermaid wood carving is easy with this step by step tutorial with photos from every angle.

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Some terrific knives I love!

The knives pictured below are easy to use and hold an edge extremely well. They are also very sturdy, which is awesome for beginner wood carvers. The FC001 is a great all-around carving knife. The FC016 is my go-to for making clean pyramid cuts with ease.  I use the FC015 when I need to remove a lot of wood without too much effort. Lots of great wood carvers on Instagram use them. They are also readily available, which is a plus these days. Check ‘em out! Every purchase you make via these affiliate links helps support this website. Thank you! 😀


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