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What's new…

Ultimate Flat Plane Carving Guide

Ready for flat plane carving? Learn how to create fun caricatures and other wood carvings with our comprehensive guide.

Continue reading "Ultimate Flat Plane Carving Guide"

Flat Plane Wood Carving Tutorial

Awesome flat plane wood carving tutorial to carve a little man.

Continue reading "Flat Plane Wood Carving Tutorial"

Pumpkin Wood Carving with a Knife Tutorial

Funny pumpkin wood carving you can easily make with our free tutorial and a painting guide.

Continue reading "Pumpkin Wood Carving with a Knife Tutorial"

Low Relief Carving Tutorial

Low relief carving is fun and we show you how to get the most out of your wood and avoid mishaps.

Continue reading "Low Relief Carving Tutorial"

Driftwood Carving Tutorial

Driftwood carving tutorial using weathered wood from Maine.

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