Free wood carving patterns for you

Full-color patterns that can be sized to fit any wood block.

We’re happy to make these free wood carving patterns available to you.  Feel free to use them for your personal use. 

If you plan to make and sell any of these wood carvings, you must include this credit: Pattern from 

Our current free wood carving patterns (click to jump to each section) include:

Free wood carving patterns

How to use our free wood carving patterns

If you are using a bandsaw, simply increase or decrease the size of the pattern to match your wood block.

Cut out the pattern (front and side view) and use spray adhesive to secure it to your wood block.  Then head to your band saw!  Rather than try to explain the next steps, it may be easier just to watch the video below. 

When you are cutting the outline of the pattern on the block, you may want to add a little extra space around the pattern to give yourself flexibility as you carve.  

If you do not have a bandsaw, click on any of the patterns below to get to a free, step-by-step tutorial where we carve the piece directly from a block of wood.  Use the patterns as a guide as you are carving.  

You can also use our free wood carving patterns to guide your painting (we always include painting guides with each tutorial). 

Click on any pattern to go to our free, step-by-step tutorial. 

Wood carving items

Free wood carving patterns for caricatures of people

The Cigar Charlie tutorial features a template that you can use carve other caricatures from a block of wood without using a bandsaw.   Simply trace it onto a piece of cardboard and cut it out.  

We suggest using a straight-edged knife for carving the flat plane wood carving pattern above.  It will help you get cleaner cuts and avoid wood from crumbling. 

Also check out our ultimate flat plane carving guide for more great tips. 

The Yippie Hippie pattern is great to learn how to pack a lot of detail into a small block of wood.  The head also looks to the left, which is another fun challenge to carve. 

Our modern-day gnome tutorial is a great carve for beginners because it has no eyes.  He is small in stature but big with details. 

For more of a carving challenge, try our old world gnome tutorial.  He has eyes, ears, and an intricately detailed hat. 

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Free wood carving patterns for the holidays

Our humorous Santa caricature carving is fun to carve and goes very quickly.  The painting guide will help you create a brick chimney that looks like real bricks.  The gift bag is carved separately. 

Our Christmas elf looks a little grumpy, but Christmas is his busy season (and he's been dealing with supply chain delays).   

We use our triangle-by-triangle nose carving technique for this tutorial, which makes it easy to get a perfect nose, carving after carving.

Spiral Christmas tree pattern
Textured Christmas tree pattern
Mushroom Christmas tree pattern

These Christmas tree patterns are fun and fast to carve with our Christmas tree carving tutorial.

Our pumpkin carving tutorial helps you carve this hilarious Halloween pumpkin.   You can also use a wood burner to accentuate the lines. 

Halloween wouldn't be complete without a Candy Corn carving.  This is another easy carving that goes quickly and looks adorable. 

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Free wood carving patterns for animals

Our northern Cardinal wood carving tutorial is a quick carve and makes a beautiful decorative piece, especially if you glue it to a stick of wood like we did.  

Our primitive sheep carving tutorial makes it easy to carve this simple yet elegant sheep.  It makes a great housewarming gift.

If you want to carve an adorable bear, this is the pattern to do just that.  Our tutorial also features instructions for how to carve the honeypot and bee. 

This adorable raccoon is fun to carve and the texture you can create using our tutorial really brings him to life. 

This cute little rabbit would look great in anyone's Easter basket.  Make sure his ears and teeth are oversized.

This is a very simple cat pattern to easily carve this beautiful feline.

Get ready to roar with this fun lion wood carving tutorial that can be carved with just a knife. 

Our elephant carving features an over the head trunk that can be a challenge to carve.  We also provide instructions for carving the block and peanut. 

Who doesn't love a hedgehog?  This tutorial is great for beginners or those looking for a pattern that is easy to carve. 

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Free wood carving patterns of characters

snowman wood carving

This snowman on ice skates tutorial has a vintage look and feel.  Add a few magnets and you can watch him skate. 

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