Full-color Christmas carving patterns

Discover a wood carving wonderland of projects!

Explore our ever-expanding collection of full-color Christmas carving patterns. Each is designed to bring joy and creativity to your holiday season.

Simply photocopy them to size to fit your wood block.

Christmas carving patterns

Immerse yourself in the world of intricate details and captivating designs that will make your holiday ornaments and decorations truly unique.

As you explore our festive Christmas wood carving patterns, we hope these full-color patterns inspire your creativity and add a unique touch to your holiday celebrations.

How to use these Christmas carving patterns

Christmas carving patterns are templates (or guides) that help wood carvers visualize and create intricate designs on a wooden surface. These patterns serve as a roadmap, providing the necessary guidance to bring a piece of wood to life.

Whether you're a seasoned woodcarver or a beginner, these Christmas carving patterns offer a foundation for your artistic expression.

Each pattern in our collection is also associated with a free step-by-step tutorial, allowing you to follow along, and create your own masterpiece.

The beauty of wood carving lies in the ability to infuse your unique personality into each of these Christmas carving patterns. Whether you're capturing the mischievous twinkle in a Christmas elf’s eye, or adding a playful touch to a Christmas tree gnome, every carving becomes a reflection of your artistic spirit.

Simply click on the pattern of your choice to get to each tutorial and embark on a delightful Christmas wood carving journey!

Adorable Santa stuck in the chimney wood carving pattern

Dive into the Christmas spirit with our adorable Santa caricature carving. Watch as Santa gets stuck in a chimney adorned with realistic bricks, complete with his red bag of gifts.

This whimsical design captures the essence of Santa's mischievous adventures on Christmas Eve.  It makes the perfect ornament, table-top decoration, and/or stocking stuffer.  

Get to the Santa caricature tutorial here.

Easy Christmas gnome with tree hat wood carving pattern

Creating a charming Christmas gnome is effortless with our easy-to-follow pattern.

The big-nosed gnome has a Christmas tree top, which can also be used independently to carve adorable Christmas trees.

This patter is perfect for both beginners and seasoned carvers, and adds a touch of whimsy to your holiday decor.

Get to the Christmas wood carving tutorial here.

Adorable Christmas caroler wood carving pattern

Indulge in the sweetness of the season with this adorable Christmas caroler. This pink and white wood carving resembles delicious candy canes and bring a delightful and festive touch to any space.

Carve a couple of carolers of different sizes to add to the joy that comes alive when they are placed on a windowsill, or hung from a tree (simply add an eye screw).

You can get to the wooden Christmas caroler tutorial here.

Cute stacked snowman pattern 

This super easy and fun stacked snowman wood carving pattern makes the most adorable stocking stuffer.  

Making a bunch of different snowman wood carvings is super easy if you follow this step-by-step tutorial

Busy (and cranky) Christmas elf wood carving pattern

Meet our cranky (but endearing) Christmas elf who has been working tirelessly to prepare for the holidays.

Capture the charm of his busy demeanor as you carve this characterful design, adding a humorous touch to your Christmas decorations.  This one is great if you are looking for a wood carving challenge. 

You can get to the Christmas elf tutorial here.

Nosy Christmas tree caricature wood carving pattern

Embrace your inner silliness this holiday season with a Christmas tree caricature that features a comically large nose.

This super easy and lighthearted wood carving design is perfect for those who appreciate a touch of humor in their holiday decor.

You can get to the Christmas tree caricature carving tutorial here.

Trio of small Christmas tree wood carving patterns

Explore a range of styles with our trio of small Christmas trees, each representing a unique blend of traditional and modern aesthetics.

These versatile patterns allow you to express your creativity and bring diversity to your festive display.  They are fast and easy to carve, which makes them wonderful stocking stuffers. 

See the Christmas tree trio tutorial here

Snowman on ice skates wood carving pattern

Capture the joy of winter with an adorable snowman wood carving pattern.  He’s even wearing vintage ice skates. 

This pattern features a big hat adorned with a heart, bringing warmth and charm to your holiday wood carving collection.

Get the snowman on skates tutorial here.

Red Cardinal on a tree branch wood carving pattern

Bring a touch of nature to your Christmas carving with a stunning red cardinal perched atop a real wooden branch.

This elegant design adds a rustic and authentic feel to your holiday decorations.

Get to the easy-to-carve Cardinal wood carving tutorial here.

Christmas wood carving patterns summary

  • Click on your favorite Christmas wood carving patterns, follow the step-by-step tutorials, and let the magic of wood carving bring the spirit of Christmas into your home.
  • Every wood carving tells a story, capturing the memories and emotions of the holiday season. 
  • These little whittles can be used as table-top or windowsill decorations, or you can easily add an eye hook and turn them into hanging Christmas ornaments.
  • Each completed piece adds a touch of enchantment to your home, transforming it into a festive sanctuary that is filled with the spirit of the season.
  • Every cut with your knife is a gesture of love and tradition, creating treasured pieces that become cherished parts of family celebrations and holiday decorations.


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