Awesome animal
wood carving patterns

Use these patterns to carve these animals.

If you’re looking for fun animal wood carving patterns, this page is for you.  Our patterns are bold, fun, and playful.  Some are more realistic, like our cardinal wood carving pattern. Simply photocopy them to size to fit your wood block. 

Animal wood carving patterns

It’s our pleasure to make these free patterns for wood carving available to you for your personal use. Simply photocopy them to size to fit your wood block. 

Please note: For those who want to use these patterns to carve animals that you plan to sell anywhere, we require you to include this credit: Original pattern from  

Click on any pattern to go to the free tutorial

We offer lots of step-by-step tutorials that feature animal wood carving patterns, caricatures, fun and fantasy figures, and so much more.  To see a full list of everything that we offer, please visit our sitemap.  

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Want to whittle a cat? This fun, fat feline is easy to carve with our step-by-step tutorial. You can carve him with just a knife and we include a free painting guide too. 

This awesome  alligator wood carving tutorial is super easy and a great project for beginner wood carvers.  Unlike some tutorials that only feature an handful of photos, ALL our tutorials feature tons of photos and painting guides so you can get the same look.  

Free wood carving patterns for animals

This trio of owls is so much fun to carve with our step-by-step tutorial.  You can carve one up pretty quickly, too. 

This  fox wood carving tutorIal features another great animal wood carving pattern for beginners.  It’s a quick carve as well, unless you plan to make a much larger animal. 

Carving a moose is simple with this free step-by-step tutorial.  You can also a little wood burning to accentuate the details.  The biggest challenge with this simple pattern is the antlers. You just want to take your time to avoid breaking them. 

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More free animal wood carving patterns

This little piggy is super adorable and another fast carve for beginners. Our pig carving tutorial provides all the steps you need to carve this cutie patootie, is easy to paint, and you end up real grinner. You can add a curled piece of wire to make his little tail. 

Our big-mouthed how to carve a frog tutorial is bright, fun, and colorful with warts all around.  He is great for practicing cartoon eyes and droopy eyelids. His head is slightly angled, making him a super fun animal wood carving pattern. 

Carve a fun and colorful carving with our carving a fish tutorial.  You will learn how to easily carve scales with just a knife.  The big cartoon eyes make this fish wood carving warm and friendly. It is a great animal wood carving pattern for beginners, too.  

Our mouse carving pattern and easy-to-follow tutorial make it easy to carve this adorable mouse.  The addition of wire for the whiskers and tail really bring the carving to life.  This animal wood carving pattern helps you learn how to set up ears on your wood carving block, which is great practice for carving humans.  His tail is made from wire that has been painted pink.  

More free animal wood carving patterns

Our northern Cardinal wood carving tutorial is a quick carve and makes a beautiful decorative piece, especially if you glue it to a stick of wood like we did. You can paint your wood carving a bright red (as we did), which makes this animal wood carving pop with color.  You can also glue your carving to a piece of wood, which adds an interesting element. 

Our primitive sheep carving tutorial makes it easy to carve this simple yet elegant sheep.  It makes a great housewarming gift. 

If you want to carve an adorable bear, this is the animal wood carving pattern to do just that.  Our bear carving tutorial also features instructions for how to carve the honeypot and bee.  Sometimes little accessories can add an extra special element to your wood carving. 

This adorable raccoon is fun to carve and the texture you can create using our tutorial really brings him to life. This animal wood carving pattern is also great for practicing cuts to carve hair or fur. 

This cute little rabbit animal wood carving pattern can help you make a fun gift that would look great in anyone's Easter basket.  Make sure his ears and teeth are oversized.  He is sure to be a hit with the little ones in your life.  

This dog wood carving tutorial is super fun to carve and makes it easy to create this adorable schnauzer.  He’s all bark and no bite! 

What could be cuter than a penguin wearing a yellow rain jacket and boots.  Making this little guy is easy with our step-by-step tutorial

This is a very simple cat pattern to easily carve this beautiful feline. It is another animal wood carving pattern that is great for carvers who are just getting started. 

Get ready to roar with this fun lion wood carving tutorial that can be carved with just a knife. This is another animal wood carving pattern that is ideal for novice carvers who want to practice their skills.  

Our elephant carving features an over the head trunk that can be a challenge to carve.  We also provide instructions for carving the block and peanut. This one is a little more challenging, especially carving the trunk! 

Who doesn't love a hedgehog?  This tutorial is great for beginners or those looking for a pattern that is easy to carve.  He really comes to life when you paint him. 

Looking for more free wood carving patterns?

Visit our Fun Things to Carve page to see more great wood carving tutorials.  Every tutorial has a free pattern at the bottom of the page.  

Looking for specific animal wood carving patterns you don’t see here?

Give us an shout and let us know what you’re looking for.  Maybe we can help! 

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